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Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime-Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu.

Help foundation works for providing a helping hand to the women who are hit by traumas of life by virtue of being a vulnerable group. The aim is to provide means to them so that they will have a self-sustained and a dignified life .Also, make them capable enough to provide their children healthy and conducive atmosphere for upbringing them.

We at Help Foundation strategize to help women reach their fullest potential and achieve their personal best by identifying the challenges they face. Help foundation has been working for women empowerment for more than two decades. At Help Foundation we increase the ability of a women to successfully manage their own livelihood options and improve their security for a dignified life.


Help Foundation while working with orphans tried to understand their plight and how their life can be made better. It came to light that one of the factors that made these children suffer is the economic state of their home. Also women were suffering emotionally and financially which had an impact on the growing kid. In order to improve the situation and cater to the needs of the children and their suffering mothers, skill based training centres were started by Help Foundation where different types of skill training was imparted to these women.

These training centres had two fold purposes. They act as therapy centre for the women, where they meet other women and give vent to their suffering Also the skill that they acquired through the training helped them to give wings to their creativity and create beautiful products.

Help foundation also provides a platform for the sale of its artisan products .An outlet called SEHJAAR was established at Saida Kadal in 2005.Later was shifted to Raj Bagh and is now currently at 50 Tulsi Bagh.Sehjaar is also promoting the sale of these products via social media. Sehjaar has a strong customer chain from across the world.

Training Centre

Year of Establishment:- 2000

Help Foundation started empowering women by imparting different training to build on their diverse skills. The first training centre was opened at Saida Kadal .Later the center was shifted to Inderhama. Foundation has been running more than 50 training centres across length and breadth of Kashmir since last two decades. Training was imparted on the following skills

Production Centre

Year of establishment:- 2000

In order to empower the emotionally ,socially and economically marginalized group of women a production Unit was set by Foundation at Saida kadal in 2000.later shifted to Inderhama These women were trained in the production of organic spices, juices, jams and pickles .Packaging of dry vegetables also takes place at Inderhama production Unit. Along with this a unit of mushroom cultivation is also running .More than 30 women were trained in mushroom cultivation under first batch .More than fifteen thousand women have received training from these training centres and many are successfully operating their independent unit

We care for children, protect their welfare, and prepare them for the future.