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Relief & Rehabilitation

Relief & Rehabilitation

1. Winter Relief Programme

As the severe cold wave grips Kashmir, mercury touches minus degrees. Winter may be harsh for the economically disadvantaged sections of the society, especially those living in Shanties (Tin Sheds, Kaccha houses etc). These people can’t afford warm clothes, blankets, Kangries, hot-water bottles and other essentials required to keep themselves warm during the harsh winters. Some of them even struggle to feed their families. HELP Foundation reaches to the poor and needy people and provide them winter relief kits and food parcels during the harsh winters every year. Winter relief kits include bedding blankets, floor blankets, winter clothing, hot water bottles and Kangries.

2. Food Aid Programme

HELP Foundation distributes dry ration kits among the poor and needy every year. The dry ration kits include 25Kgs of Rice, 10 Kgs of Wheat Flour, 5 Litres of Edible Oil, 1Kg of Sugar, 2 Kg of Salt, 1 Kg of Semolina,1Kg of Ghee,1 Kg of spices, and ½ kg of Tea leaves. 

3. General Aid

Along with interventional programmes covering various aspects of human development, HELP Foundation also engages with individuals to support the meritorious and needy, especially for medical and education support. For all-round progress, the focus needs to be on appreciating human capital through improved access to good quality education, skilling and healthcare, with the aim of empowering the target group to contribute to their own, society’s and the nation’s development. Although education is regarded to be a ticket out of poverty, ironically, the cost of education is the principal obstacle to achieve that. Health issues are a major cause of financial stress. The rising cost of hospitalisation and medicines have rendered full medical treatment beyond the reach of the common population.

4. Covid 19 Response

The steady rise in covid-19 infections on daily basis rose to alarming levels and authorities moved in to enforce strict lockdown across the UT. In the emerging scenario, Help Found ation geared up to respond to the emerging humanitarian situation in J&K. The Foundation worked on various fronts to respond to the situation.

i) Relief Distribution

HELP Foundation worked relentlessly to provide the daily essentials — hygiene kits, medical Aid, and Food Parcels to the families whose economic situation deteoritated due to severe lockdown imposed by the authorities.

ii) Support to Hospitals

Provided safety gears and face masks to healthcare workers in Kashmir Valley. The safety gears and masks were provided to front line health workers in Covid-19 designated hospitals for their protection. Our support was acknowledged and appreciated by Hospital authorities and State Administration. The project helped us to provide protective gear and face masks to 6 District Hospitals, 5 Sub-District Hospitals, 1 Trauma Hospital, 3 Emergency Medical Service Centres and 5 Primary Health Care Centres. 3000 PPE suits (Disposable and reusable), 1000 rubber gloves, 3000 N95 masks and 20000 3-layer masks were provided under the project.The project also provided two laryngoscopes to Chest Disease Hospital Srinagar.

iii) Touch Free Handwash Facility

For the prevention of Covid spread, touch free hand washing facilities were installed at different locations. The facilities with clean water and liquid soap were made available in locations where public footfall was allowed during Covid lockdown including hospitals, banks, grocery stores and pharmacies, airport and vegetable markets etc. The touch free hand wash facilities were cleaned and refilled with liquid soap on daily basis. The relocation of the facilities is being done on the basis of assessment on the number of persons using the facility for hand washing for optimum usage of the facility.

We care for children, protect their welfare, and prepare them for the future.