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Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Our Vision:
To protect, empower and safeguard the rights of the most marginalized and vulnerable women and children affected by the prevailing situation in Jammu and Kashmir. We envision a peaceful and just society that is sensitive to women and children rights.

Our Mission:
We strive to create and provide opportunities in spheres like education, vocational skills, trainings and capacity building for vulnerable groups so that they become confident, independent, develop leadership skills and move ahead in life with dignity.

Our programmes are now diversified in new areas like health, education, livelihood, relief and rehabilitation and ambulatory services while being supported by a core group of trustees, dedicated staff and volunteers. The focus has been on providing quality education to the children, empowerment of women and mental health counseling for the youth, who have been the victims of the situation.


Selfless Service, Profound compassion, unquestionable transparency, urgent execution, personal accountability and coming up with win-win solutions for the distressed sections of society are core values of HELP Foundation, J&K.

We care for children, protect their welfare, and prepare them for the future.