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Our Approach

We use rights based approach in all our interventions with the belief that vulnerable communities have the right to a good quality of life, respect and dignity. Our programmes in skill development, trainings and educational projects are the tools of change we use for such vulnerable groups to bring them out from the confines of poverty.

We work to create means and resources in order to enable them to participate in decision-making and development of a robust society. Over the years, we have made significant changes in our approach, from conducting charitable activities to actively facilitating in long-lasting upliftment of various communities. We have evolved as a frontline organization in J&K, having long term interventions with clear objectives.

We sincerely believe in the of use rights based approach in each of our interventions in order to address the underlying causes of poverty and lack of development in the backdrop of the prevailing situation in J&K, especially Kashmir region from the past three decades and more.

Our focus is explicitly on the well-being, social positioning, awareness and advocacy of rights of women and children who are affected by the decades of conflict and its consequences over the years. We focus on developing the potential of women and adolescent girls through skill development initiatives for long lasting and equitable changes. We strategically emphasize on promoting quality and inclusive education, gender equity, sustainable livelihood interventions and mental health wellbeing. Our emphasis is to address the underlying causes of poverty and build secure and resilient communities.

We strive to ensure dignity for all within the most marginalized, vulnerable and conflict affected communities in J&K. As we move ahead in our journey, our approach will continue to include social analysis and action, developing leadership skills, building capacities at multiple levels, advocacy at regional and national platforms and facilitating links and dialogues between various communities and civil society. We as an organization also believe in cultural advocacy in the niche of heritage revival to safeguard the rich historic fabric of Kashmir through involvement of the community and civil society in relevant projects.


We care for children, protect their welfare, and prepare them for the future.