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Chairperson's Message

Chairperson's Message

The world is slowly but surely recovering from the remnants of the deadly corona virus pandemic. It is time for the Foundation to direct its entire focus on its regular programs while always being ready to serve in the frontline during any kind of emergencies. HELP has always responded to emergency situations that arose from time to time, in Jammu & Kashmir.

We have bravely endured and responded to massive natural disasters like the earthquake that hit us in 2005 and destructive floods in 2014. 

HELP Foundation apart from providing financial assistance to beneficiaries across the geography of J & K, has been one of the first organizations to start mental health counseling sessions for the needy. However as we have been working relentlessly for nearly three decades for the upliftment of the underprevileged section of our society, through multiple projects and livelihood programs the year 2020 brought in light a different set of challenges to be dealt with.

During the year 2020 as J & K, along with the entire world were taken over by COVID 19, this was for the first time HELP was dealing with a pure medical emergency. As we were already providing assistance to people in the aftermath of the abrogation of article 370, now as corona virus took over, we had to deal with back to back emergencies.  

The entire team of HELP worked beyond hours while reaching out to patients and hospitals with emergency equipment’s like masks, sanitizers, oximeters, concentrators, food and other essential services.  During this period HELP kept on working on its regular programs and meeting the deadlines so that the mission keeps going on.

We could not even fathom letting down our existing beneficiaries who looked upon us during their hour of need. We also accommodated new beneficiaries who had lost their employment during the pandemic while still trying to recover from the consequences of the previous year (2019).

We dealt with the situation with endurance and patience while keeping our hopes etched to the Almighty. We have tried to remain mentally strong and physically fit while staying motivated during adverse circumstances. 

Our achievements have only been possible because of the generous support from our donors, individual and institutional. It has been a great pleasure to work with them hand in hand while undertaking various relief and welfare activities. We are grateful to everyone who has supported us in any manner and look forward to maintain the relation with the entire family of HELP Foundation including donors, Board Members volunteers and the entire team working relentlessly every day.

We feel a sense of achievement, satisfaction and motivation as we celebrate one more year of bringing relief to the lives of many especially vulnerable women and children.

We care for children, protect their welfare, and prepare them for the future.