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International Women's Day Celebration

International Women's Day Celebration

8th March, 2022

We celebrated International Women’s Day at our Heritage House i.e Baitul Meeras with our entire women team. Along with our confident women staff we also brought together our women trainers working under Skill Development and Livelihood Program along with women working under tailoring and stitching units at Baitul Meeras.

The spirits of women was boosted by the motivational and encouraging speeches made by our dignitaries. We were blessed to have with us the following epitomes of Women Empowerment with us on the auspicious day:

  1. Hamida Akhtar (GM DIC Srinagar)
  2. Mehmeet Syed (well renowed kashmiri singer)
  3. Rafia Rasool (cartoonist at Daily Aftab)
  4. Ruby Zutshi (professor at Kashmir University)
  5. Ayesha Saleem (trustee at HELP Foundation)

These vibrant ladies spoke on the daily struggles of the women at home as well as their place of work. The seeds of oneness were sowed with the motivation to stand for each other and pull each other out of misery and the prevailing injustice in the society.  Discussions went on volatile topics of domestic violence, mental harassment and unequal payscale. Encouragement to break the existing taboo in our community and striving harder to achieve our dreams and create a better future for the women.

As we are always concerned about the health of the women, we arranged free Gynae Consultation & Blood Testing after the enlightening interaction with the eminent personalities.  Dr. Altaf Hussian Gani was present for his service and this entire Health check up activity was carried out by Shehjar Clinical Lab team.

There was also an opportunity for our guests & our team to purchase “Shehjar” products like suits, shawls, handbags, clutches, culinary items, show pieces as well as product from food processing units like honey and different spices.  People availed a special discount of 10% on this favourable day.

Everyone was welcomed at the Gallery which is the main attraction of the Bait ul Meeras. The notabilities were astonished to see the artifacts reflecting the Kashmiri culture and heritage.

We care for children, protect their welfare, and prepare them for the future.