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Capacity Building

Capacity Building

HELP Foundation, J&K collaborated with MANFORD (Management Foundation for Organizational Research and Development) a New Delhi based Organization headed by Anand Devid, a behavioural Scientist, for conducting BREAKHTHROUGH workshops in Kashmir in 2007. The initiative evoked tremendous response. Many Breakthrough workshops have since been conducted both in house for organizations which are charged and open house for individuals from various walks of life, including Doctors, Lawyers, journalists, Engineers, Writers, etc, which are done free of charge.

The BTW is an intensive 3 or 4 day, residential workshop that focuses on Transformational Leadership. Aimed at the Leadership team and Key Principals, the workshop aims to equip them with the ability to provide direction, vision, openness and trust; in order to serve as agents of renewal and growth across the organization.

Focus of the programme

Achievement Motivation– Creating and strengthening the belief that an “Extra to the Ordinary” effort will ultimately contribute towards enhanced performance. No organization, institution or person can maintain excellence without being continually sensitive to the changing scenario. Setting Goals and achieving results by being responsible and accountable for self and the team.

Transformational Leadership– A catalyst to continuous renewal, creative co-operation and empowerment, building effective leadership styles at all levels .Enabling stretching of goals and making shared visions take place, creating and thriving in a learning environment. Demanding the impossible and making it happen.

Using the science of Achievement Motivation, the benefits of the workshop include:

Defining a common culture and set of values that bind the leadership team with the functional teams. Evolving a culture for the Leadership so that they are driven by this common culture rather than individual personalities.

Empowerment towards achieving new stretched demand from self and others that translates into tangible productivity gains.

Identifying and addressing inhibitive mind sets to nurture creative thinking and problem-solving. Developing assertiveness and possibility search attitude for resolving conflicts.

Enabling a shift in the way that teams work together, cooperate and gain from each other, through interdependence and sharing; recognizing and respecting individual differences and go beyond this to produce optimized performance.

Developing individuals who delegate and are able to coach their teams towards creating value in the organization through effective giving and receiving feedback.

Developing winning work styles that keep both individual and colleagues motivated towards achieving the goals of the organization.

Enabling stretched goals and making shared visions take place, creating and thriving in a learning environment.

Creating a highly energized and motivated group, thereby contributing towards an optimum superior-subordinate relationship.

Enabling the individuals to examine their roles as contributors to organizational output to reinforce their strengths and evolve strategies to overcome shortcomings.

Considering outcomes previously considered near- impossible and making them happen.

We care for children, protect their welfare, and prepare them for the future.