Project name: Shehjar– Cool shadow of love and peace

Project description:

Several hundred children and young boys and girls were blinded partially or completely during 2016 unrest in Kashmir. This incident has increased the number of PWDs manifolds in the region and absence of rehabilitation centres have doubly added to their miseries. This project will establish a physical rehabilitation center in Srinagar especially for persons with eyesight loss. The centre will o?er rehab training in three major areas like; Braille, Daily living and Mobility through assistive technology and Computer training. The project will run a three month (90 days) training module for each activity simultaneously with in-house living facilities for trainers and trainees. HELP Foundation will provide the space and infrastructure for living for 20 trainees per batch. Trainers and special educators will be those professionals who have been supported by HELP Foundation way back in 2000 in receiving training through NAB, new Delhi and other reputed institutions from across the India. The annual target would be eighty (80) trainees. However, the demand for training is more and adequate supply of trainees is also available, given the limited space for providing living facilities to trainees does not permit additional numbers to be taken in. Also, the standard training module can not be altered from 90 days to run more batched per year.

Action Plan:

Since the project is related to holistic rehabilitation and empowerment of Visually Impaired persons, HELP foundation propose to make use of its available resources to their fullest. The project will have a multi-pronged approach to address the physical rehabilitation needs of VIs in the valley. Following are the target activities of the project: A] Establishment of Braille Lab: The project will establish a Braille lab for Blinds. The lab will have facilities for training 20 blinds in Braille. Braille trainings will have 90 day circle with 2 Hrs training per day over 6 days a week. B] Mobility and daily living: Establishment of training centre for mobility trainings will be another component. The mobility centre will train these VIs in mobility issues using assistive technology as tool to simplify living. Besides, using Assistive technology, the trainees will be trained in kitchen and outdoor experiences without human aid. The lab will have two days outdoor tour per alternate week for real life challenge facing exercise. C] Computer training centre: Shehjar rehabilitation centre will establish a computer lab with 10 computers in place with audio aid to train VIs in basic and advanced computer trainings using di?erent Screen readers etc. D] Sports and theatre: Besides other activities, sports and theatre activities with regular counselling by professional counsellors/clinic psychologists etc, will help them in overcoming their mental stress. These activities are proposed not only to build up their skills for their employability but to make best use of the technology and techniques available to them in the world. This project will also create job opportunity for visually impaired persons who can work as professional trainers in the centre.

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