About Us

Who we are:

We are a community based humanitarian organization,  primarily working with vulnerable women and children. We are present in Jammu & Kashmir (J&K), India since 1997. Our work is a thoughtful and humble effort of some like-minded people in response to the prolonged conflict situation in J&K and to address the needs of the victims of violence. We work with the most vulnerable and marginalized families within the communities, that have been directly or indirectly affected by the situation here. We are registered as a “Society” under an Indian law having registration number 2905-S. Our office location is 16-Gogji Bagh, Srinagar city in J&K.

Our Vision:

To protect, empower and safeguard the rights of the most marginalized and vulnerable women and children affected by the prevailing situation in Jammu and Kashmir. We envision a peaceful and just society that is sensitive to women and children rights.

Our Mission:

We strive to create and provide opportunities in spheres like education, vocational skills, trainings and capacity building for vulnerable groups, so that they become confident, independent, develop leadership skills and move ahead in life with dignity.

Our programmes are now diversified in new areas like health, education, livelihood, relief and rehabilitation and ambulatory services while being supported by a core group of trustees, dedicated staff and volunteers. The focus has been on providing quality education to the children, empowerment of women and mental health counselling for the youth, who have been the victims of the situation.

Our Activities in Nutshell:

Women empowerment: Awareness programmes, advocacy & campaigns, linkages with government schemes, financial inclusion, mental health and physical health facilities, livelihood support, skill development, and marketing of products.

Children empowerment: Education programmes, scholarships, children workshops, school learning, hostel facilities, exposure visits and sports tournaments.

Activities within broader communities: Sensitization of rights of vulnerable groups, capacity building of health and ICDS workers, trainings, collaboration with officials, support in awareness drives, social issues, environment and cleanliness campaigns and relief and rehabilitation activities during pandemic, natural disasters or situations of violence.

Our Projects:

Empowerment through Education: Providing free and quality education to orphan, poor and physically challenged children is one of the key projects of the organization. This has remained as one of the effective strategy of the Organization to protect and empower the youth and and also keep them away from indulging in anti-social activities.  We established our own school in Kupwara district to support the education of poor and orphan children in this far flung and violence affected district of Jammu & Kashmir valley. We sponsor educational needs of hundreds of other such children in the Jammu & Kashmir who are being educated within and outside Jammu & Kashmir. We also sponsor youth who are admitted in various professional courses at national and international level.

Economic Empowerment: Economic independence has proved to be an effective tool for empowering widows and destitutes instead of giving them regular monthly financial assistance. Encouraging women to earn their livelihood by imparting them with skills and providing them opportunities through soft loans and market support has been yet another strategy and successful project of HELP Foundation. We have established several training  centres were women are imparted skills in garment designing, embroidery, agro-businesses, crewel and craft work and food processing. Hundreds on women have established their own income generating units, after attaining trainings from these centres, and are earning and living with dignity.

 Mental & Physical Health : According to various reports and surveys, it has been established that prolonged violent situation has deeply impacted the mental health of the population in general in Jammu & Kashmir.  To address the situation, HELP Foundation started various programmes for providing psycho-social support including counselling and drug de-addiction centres in the various districts. Besides various other health related initiatives like women specific health clinics,  emergency response centers and critical care ambulance service has been established.

Women & Child Protection : Help Foundation has started awareness campaigns and women specific support centers in various districts to address the issue of domestic violence prevalent in various communities and save women from abuse, discrimination and violence. Besides we have also started a dedicated 24X7 child helpline service to save children in need of protection either from violence and abuse. We also provide support to communities for lonely children and tracing services for missing children.


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