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Evening Theatre Series 4th addition

Evening Theatre Series 4th addition

25th Nov , 2023

The cultural landscape of Kashmir experiences a renaissance as Help Foundation, in collaboration with the esteemed ‘Kashmir Kala Manch’, launched a monthly evening theatre series at the historic Bait-Ul-Meeras in Srinagar. This initiative aims to revive the fading embers of Kashmir’s rich theatrical heritage, dating back thousands of years, by engaging the younger generation and nurturing a renewed appreciation for the arts. Spearheaded by veteran artists from Kashmir Kala Manch, these performances captivate audiences, drawing in a diverse crowd of seniors, artists, women, and children, all eager to immerse themselves in the vibrant tapestry of Kashmiri culture. With each skit and performance, the echoes of Kashmir’s artistic legacy resound, instilling a sense of pride and connection among attendees. As enthusiasm swells and talents emerge, the demand for continued support of such initiatives grows, signaling a promising future for the preservation and promotion of Kashmir’s artistic heritage.

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